#PeopleofSTEAM: Meet Avneet

Avneet Singh is a member of the 2023 Inspire the Future: FIRST®️ Educators Recognition Program cohort, coach for multiple FIRST®️ Tech Challenge teams, FIRST Global volunteer, and Assistant Vice President of Robotics at On My Own Technology (OMOTEC). Within his various roles, Avneet's enthusiasm lies in leveraging cutting-edge technology to craft solutions for real-world challenges through robotics and automation. Read more about Avneet and his commitment to advancing innovation and education through STEAM.


FIRST Staff: What is the hardest part of your job?

Avneet: As a mentor of FIRST Tech Challenge team 23009 (from Dharavi, India), I closely work with underprivileged students who struggle with communication in the English language. Due to language barriers and expression challenges, some students fail to explain or express their ideas and lack basic academic skills in science and technology. Furthermore, many have limited access to laptops and computers. Here lies my biggest challenge: communicating with these kids and training them in new-era technologies. My goal is to overcome these challenges by exposing them to modern technologies through FIRST®️ activities.


FIRST Staff: How do you use STEAM skills in your everyday work/life?

Avneet: Every day, my work tests my STEAM skills. From utilizing CAD applications for design, creating rapid prototypes using 3D printers and laser cutting machines, to bringing a prototype to life through coding and circuitry, all these tasks hinge on the foundation of STEAM skills.


FIRST Staff: Who is a “Person of STEAM” who inspires you?

Avneet: My father, Mr. Som Nath, stands out as a remarkable source of inspiration and my ultimate idol. As a mechanical engineer, inventor, and founder of a metal fabrication company, it is particularly surprising that he achieved success without ever attending college or obtaining a professional degree. During my childhood, visiting his company allowed me to witness the inner workings of machines, sparking my interest in engineering and technology. His example demonstrated that one could accomplish significant feats through dedication and practical experience, despite lacking formal education. This realization fueled my belief that I, too, could pursue a path in engineering and technology and build my life ahead, making significant contributions to this field.


FIRST Staff: If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Avneet: Embrace failure with the same openness as you do success. Every setback has a purpose; view it as an opportunity for positive growth. Avoid comparing your journey to others, as life imparts unique lessons to each individual. Appreciate the diversity of experiences, understanding that everyone learns differently. Instead of drawing comparisons, celebrate the differences among people. Remember, welcoming both success and failure fosters a mindset of continuous learning and personal development.


FIRST Staff: Do you have a message you want to share for students who are participating in FIRST today?

Avneet: You are in an extraordinary position. Your generation is equipped with the finest tools to shape a better world. Utilize the skills you acquire from FIRST to pioneer and create advanced technologies that will benefit not only the present but also future generations. Your capabilities have the potential to contribute significantly to the betterment of our world. Embrace this opportunity and channel your efforts into making a positive impact through innovation and technological advancements


Avneet FLL


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