Who's Who at FIRST HQ? Meet Mark G!

Mark Giordono is the Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations at FIRST®. Internally, we call his group FIRSTADE because it includes the Alumni, Development and Events teams. Like the sports drink we may have borrowed a name from, Mark’s team fuels FIRST with resources to perform our best. They provide value to and build community for our FIRST Alumni (Alumni), steward our generous individual and organizational donors of cash, materials, and volunteers (Development), and deliver one of the key parts of our Theory of Change – high quality, inspiring-to-all-audiences events (Events).

Prior to FIRST, Mark worked in various business roles in tech companies like HP, was on nonprofit boards, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali. Mark describes his current role at FIRST as the perfect fit for his “private-sector head and public-sector heart.”

Fun fact: In college, Mark worked as a wildland forest fire fighter. Good practice for the dumpster fires that life, work, and family can throw at you!