It’s Time for a #FIRSTChamp Curtain Call!

FIRST LEGO League team receiving Champion's Award on stage

Last week, thousands of students, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, and STEM supporters came together in Houston, TX, USA to celebrate the FIRST® Championship presented by BAE Systems. The week was filled with friendly competition, exciting innovation, and lots of Gracious Professionalism® as we commemorated the conclusion of the 2023-2024 arts-inspired season, FIRST® IN SHOWSM presented by Qualcomm

The FIRST® LEGO® League World Festival at the FIRST Championship hosted 152 FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge teams and 39 FIRST® LEGO® League Explore teams from around the world to explore the role STEM plays in the arts and work together to design a world of endless possibilities. In the 2023-2024 MASTERPIECESM challenge, teams imagined and innovated new ways to create and communicate art across the globe.   

Here is the complete FIRST LEGO League Challenge World Festival Awards List:

Champion’s Award Winner:  


Champion’s Award Finalists:  

Knots and Bots, Illinois, USA 

Master Cubz, Massachusetts, USA 

Breaking Bot, Paraguay 

Invictus, Spain 


Volunteer of the Year Award:  

Mehdi Troudi from Tunis, Tunisia 

Innovation Project Award Winner:  

Cyber Tigers, South Africa 

Innovation Project Award Finalists:  

Chronobot, California, USA 

Tiger Techs (Orange), Pennsylvania, USA 


GIFLL, Denmark 

SESI Heroes, Brazil 

Core Values Award Winner:  

The Three Moons, Kansas City Region, USA 

Core Values Award Finalists:  


N.O.A.M. Nerds on a Mission, Wisconsin, USA 

Beat Bots, Nebraska, USA 

Goofy Gyros, Massachusetts, USA 

LeXT – Eat Yo Vegetables Express, California, USA 

Robot Design Award Winner:  

Argent Agents, South Carolina, USA 

Robot Design Award Finalists: 

ARRA, Romania 

KILOBYTES, Malaysia 

Last Higashiyamars, Japan 

CL-RoboCity, Italy 


Robot Performance Award Winner:  

1st Place – KILOBYTES, Malaysia 

Robot Performance Award Finalists:  

2nd Place – LEGENDARY, China 

3rd Place – Invictus, Spain 

4th Place – CSC RoboRoyals, Australia 

5th Place – Master Cubz, Massachusetts, USA 

Engineering Excellence Award Winners:  

Golden Phoenix, Arizona, USA 

Legotronic Beavers, Spain 

L.O.A.D. Robotics, Delaware, USA 

SCRAPS by FutureLab, Greece 

Breakthrough Award Winners:  

The Pythoneers, Texas, USA 

Electro Sloths, Utah, USA 

KepLErGO, Czech Republic 

The BLOCKERS, Illinois, USA 

Rising All-Star Award Winners:  

JP2 Fireworks, Minnesota, USA 

New Zealand Blackbots, New Zealand 

Technobots, Pennsylvania, USA 

Alienators, Arizona, USA 

Motivate Award Winners:  

Darth Rappers, North Carolina, USA 


CIRAT, Colombia 

Code Breakers, California, USA 

Gracious Professionalism Award Winners:  

CCES Team Blaze, Georgia, USA 

Cyber Tigers, South Africa 

CSC RoboRoyals, Australia 

Coopertition Award Winners:  

Masch Misch, Germany 

CIRAT, Colombia 

X-J.E.T., China 

Peer Award Winner:  

Goofy Gyros, Massachusetts, USA 

Coach/Mentor Award Winners:  

Alin Dincá 

Werner Flick 

Monica Marques dos Santos 

Dave Tomko 

Maxwell Kangas 

Peggy Maricle 

Here is the complete FIRST LEGO League Explore World Festival Awards List:

Challenge Solutions Award:  

Amigosboticos Creativos 2.0, Florida, USA 

Block Planet Illusion Team, Chinese Taipei  

Heliopolis Utopia, Egypt  

Little LEGO Tekineer Krew, Washington, USA 

Snutgir-Wonder Stars, Pennsylvannia, USA 

Superstars, Mexico  

Coding Award: 

Eagles, Texas – West, USA 


Pandacorns, Wisconsin, USA 

Robot-GO, Ontario, Canada  

Stealth Panthers Robotics, Kansas City Region, USA 

Super Strikers, Minnesota, USA 

The Juggling Kids, Hong Kong 

Wize Heroes, Colorado, USA 

Core Values Award:  

DIAB Sharks, UAE 

Hartland Virtual Academy, Michigan, USA 

Sara Collins Elementary, South Carolina, USA 

StARbursT Engineers, California – Southern, USA 

Super Spikes, Ohio, USA 

West Side Legendary Master Builders, Maryland, USA 

Team Model Award: 

Chinese Loong, China 

Dream High, South Korea 

EBJ EEEagles, Texas, USA 

J.A.M (Junior Arts Master), Phillippines  

LOBBY of LEGO, Thailand 

New Energy Edu, New York, USA 

RoboSociety, Greece 

S.S. Conner Cub-Bots, Texas, USA 


The Cookie Crunchers, Illinois, USA 

Team Poster Award:  

Camdenton LASER FLL Explorer 188, Missouri, USA 


Gallery Masterz, California – Northern, USA 

Hartland FLL-E 01 Team 559, Michigan, USA 

IQrobots, Kazakhstan 

Los Valentitos, Brazil 

Micro Techno Warriors, Georgia, USA 

Sociedad Anónima (S.A), Costa Rica 

Ultra Luminaries, Michigan, USA 

Congratulations to all the teams who attended the 2024 World Festival! We hope to have you back next year as we explore the layers of the ocean and sea into the future during our 2024-2025 ocean-inspired season FIRST® DIVESM presented by Qualcomm

Check out the 2024-2025 SUBMERGEDSM season reveal video:  


Let us know what you think about the upcoming season by using #SUBMERGED on social media!