International Day of the Girl Child

By Erica Newton Fessia, Vice President, Global Field Operations

Today, on International Day of the Girl Child, we recognize the ever-important role women and girls play in our society. Girls worldwide continue to face a number of barriers, including education inequities, and it is all of our responsibility to champion and strengthen the access and participation of girls in science and technology fields.

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is for everyone, STEM needs everyone. Girls must have the opportunity to discover and forge new pathways within science and technology and beyond. The development and success of our future relies on unique perspectives and problem-solvers. We must advocate for the equitable inclusion of girls to create meaningful breakthroughs and innovations.

FIRST is committed to expanding the engagement and advancement of girls and women in STEM, without being exclusionary of the contributions of boys, men, and all people. To enhance the contributions of girls, as well as those of other underrepresented and underserved youth in STEM, we, and our Partners, continue to invest in them at all stages of their education journey, including their access to FIRST programs and experiences on teams.