Do I Put FIRST Projects on My Resume?

Without a doubt....yes!

The projects that you work on in the FIRST® environment show problem solving, ability to work within groups, ability to follow instructions, ability to show Gracious Professionalism®, and most importantly, the ability to THINK!

Although some schools consider your FIRST group to be a ‘club’, those of us in the FIRST Community know that it is much larger.  You are doing yourself a disservice when you are listing FIRST under your Club/Activities section on your resume. Think of it this way, if someone is part of the FIRST Community, they know that FIRST so much more and they will want to read in detail what your role was on the team.  If someone is new to FIRST, then it is a great opportunity for you to explain in detail what your role is on the team. Hmmm...same reasoning! Either way, it is a win for you!

If the projects you worked on are related to your field of study and to your desired career path, then definitely put down in detail your contribution to the task. Consider this project as a job, because it was. The hours, participation and dedication that you put in to accomplish this task are applicable to any job that you would interview for in the future.

If the projects/division that you were part of is not related to your career path, still put down your participation and contribution.  However, you will spin the information to show the skills that you learned in application to support your field of study.

Another reason that you want to put your FIRST project on your resume is that it gives you another opportunity to add the all-important KEYWORDS to your resume so Recruiters will find you. Be detailed in your descriptions.  Companies hire people based on their previous experience. If it is not written on the resume, then you are leaving it up to them to guess if you have that skill.


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Written by Ilene Rein
President, Pounding Pavement 101
Partner/Recruiter, Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc.
FIRST Mentor, Judge, Volunteer