Dive into Family Fun with this At-home Building Activity

LEGO mosaic showing MASTERPIECE and SUBMERGED season artwork.

Did you know that teams from around the world helped build a mosaic that revealed the SUBMERGEDSM season at the 2024 FIRST® Championship? Now it’s your turn to create your own mosaic at home with your family! 

Teams from around the world came together in Houston, Texas and helped build a LEGO® mosaic that slowly revealed the upcoming SUBMERGED season. The mosaic is made up of thousands of individual LEGO bricks that were built on small baseplates, each with their own individual pattern making up a small portion of the entire design. When these baseplates were combined, it revealed the upcoming season!

dsc_0252-2-1Build your own mosaic at home with whatever bricks you have available. Come up with your own designs!  

You can use a Discover More set, other LEGO® or LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, or you can choose your own building materials for these short, fun activities for the whole family. 

  • Choose it!: Decide together what you want your mosaic to represent. Choose a theme to follow or copy a picture. Be creative! 
  • Build It!: Divide a large baseplate into sections and assign each section to one person.  Have each person build their section using LEGO bricks. Work together to create your own LEGO mosaic with each section connected.  
  • Say It!: Share what you built with your family or friends. What does your mosaic represent? Can someone who didn’t help you build your mosaic guess what it is? 

If you don’t have a LEGO base plate, can you think of another way to connect your sections?  If you don’t have enough LEGO bricks, complete the activity with paper. You could use small squares of colored construction paper as your mosaic tiles and glue them down on a larger piece of paper. 

Take your play a step further by adding these activities and playing the Discover More Game, adding new building materials, expanding your builds, and coming up with your own activities playing together however your family likes to have fun.  

Share your builds with us on social media and don’t forget to tag @FIRSTLEGOLeague! 

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