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Celebrating Educator Michele Leyden

We offered FIRST employees an opportunity to say "thank you" to an inspiring educator in their lives with the gift of a 2021 Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar Commemorative coin. Elizabeth Mijal extended her thanks to New Hampshire Reading Specialist Michele Leyden for her unwavering commitment to her daughters' growth and confidence.

When Christa McAuliffe said "I touch the future. I teach." she perfectly captured the passion and dedication teachers have, and Elizabeth's family has experienced that very passion and dedication since day one with Michele.

Both of Elizabeth's daughters were diagnosed with learning challenges at very early ages. They both began working with Michele in Kindergarten and continued to work with her through 4th grade before moving onto intermediate school. With Michele’s specialized knowledge in the area of reading and reading curriculum, Elizabeth's daughters received the individualized support and instruction they needed to navigate their reading challenges and become better readers and more independent students.

Her daughters are strong students and confident readers because of the investment Michele made in them and the impact she had on them. She set Elizabeth's daughters up with a foundation that will stay with them throughout their lives and that will guide them in their future successes.

Want to thank an inspiring educator in your life this holiday season? There's still a few days left to give the gift of a 2021 Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar!


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