Applying for internships? These tips can help!

As FIRST Alumni, many industry leaders want to hire you for your problem-solving, critical thinking and digital literacy skills.  It’s important that you communicate your experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities on your job application and in your interview. FIRST Strategic Partners Dow and Qualcomm offer great advice on their websites to help you succeed. Here are just a few:

  • When describing your work experience on your resume, focus not just on your responsibilities, but your accomplishments. Highlight your achievements and strengths as they can distinguish you from other applicants. (Courtesy Dow)
  • Your experiences beyond your previous work roles are important. Use your volunteer and extracurricular activities to highlight your accomplishments. (Courtesy Dow)
  • For your interview, have a few personal stories in mind that demonstrate your problem-solving skills. And be prepared to talk about your coursework, your role in projects and your work experience. (Courtesy Qualcomm)
  • And finally, send (or email) a thank-you note. Expressing your interest in the position and appreciation to the hiring team for their time can never hurt. Your recruiter can forward your message along to the team. (Courtesy Qualcomm)

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