Diary of an Innovator Team Code Warriors reflect on their season, look ahead to SUBMERGED

During the 2023-2024 FIRST® in SHOWSM presented by Qualcomm season, we followed four FIRST® LEGO® League, four FIRST® Tech Challenge, and four FIRST® Robotics Competition Diary of an Innovator teams to learn about their season experiences and the culture of innovation their team has created.    

This post is by Team Code Warriors from Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

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Q: What has been your biggest surprise from the MASTERPIECESM Season? What will you take away from the experience?

A: One of the biggest surprises during the MASTERPIECE season was our initial fear of the complex-looking MASTERPIECE mat. However, as the season progressed, we discovered it wasn’t as challenging as it seemed. Another pleasant surprise was discovering the intersection of robotics and coding with the arts, showcasing the versatility of these skills. Moreover, we were amazed by the boundless creativity achievable with just a few LEGO elements, thanks to our team’s collaborative effort in building and coding.

Initially daunted by the Innovation Project’s requirements, we were pleasantly surprised by the abundance of ideas generated through team brainstorming, realizing we had underestimated our collective creativity.


Q: Did the experience make you think differently about robotics, STEM, engineering, and/or the arts?  

A: Participating in the MASTERPIECE season shifted our perspective and provided us with a fresh angle on robotics. For example, highlighting how robotics can enhance our hobbies and emphasizing the significance of robotics in various fields, including art. It made us realize that these disciplines aren’t just about numbers and equations; It often encourages us to think critically about how technology interacts with various aspects of life, they’re about people coming together to innovate and make a difference. Additionally, seeing how art and design play a crucial role in constructing robots made us appreciate the intersection of engineering and the arts, showing us that beauty and functionality can go hand in hand.

Q: Has it changed the way you think about college or careers?

A: Participating in FIRST LEGO League has deepened our passion for robotics, leading us to consider a future career in coding and robotics and steering us towards the path of computer engineering. Its emphasis on collaboration has highlighted the importance of teamwork in any career pursuit.

Q: How has it impacted your thinking about teamwork? 

A: Participating in FIRST LEGO League emphasized the paramount importance of teamwork and inclusion, revealing that collaboration is essential for success in robotics. It demonstrated that relying solely on individual efforts limits progress, highlighting the significance of collective contribution. Our experience with our team shifted the perspective, fostering trust in collaborative efforts and proving that effective teamwork enhances both productivity and enjoyment. Previously reserved within teams, we recognized the necessity of active engagement and communication, understanding that diverse viewpoints are crucial for comprehensive problem-solving.


Q: What is the best part of participating in FIRST LEGO League? What part of the experience is the most fun or most rewarding? 

A: The best part of participating in FIRST LEGO League is attending competitions, where competing, observing other projects, and meeting new teams brings immense joy. Spending quality time with our team, knowing we’re crafting something remarkable, adds depth to the experience beyond mere aspiration. We learned that the ultimate reward lies not in competition prizes, but in the satisfaction of completing productive practice sessions with a content team. Meeting fellow enthusiasts at competitions and at global outreach was our favorite part, fostering new connections and shared passions. Also, the most enjoyable aspect is the camaraderie shared with the team over treats celebrating successful days.

Check out the team’s experience at the Ontario Provincial Championship here: https://youtu.be/pN7mz1TIUeQ.

Q.  How did your team celebrate their accomplishments this season?

A: We celebrated our achievements this season, sometimes through pizza parties or sweet feasts and other times sharing praising notes whenever we completed challenging tasks like coding missions or successful runs. We also customized our team t-shirts with spray paint for a memorable celebration. Whether it was mastering a difficult run, winning the Champions Award at the Regionals, or qualifying for the Provincials and winning Breakthrough Award we marked each milestone with joy. These celebrations not only honored our hard work but also strengthened our bond as a team.


 Q: Are you planning to do FIRST LEGO League or another FIRST program next season?

A: Absolutely! Returning to FLL is a definite plan for us— we loved every aspect of it, from coding and building robots, to Innovation Project, to having a blast. We are eagerly waiting to join the next FIRST season, as the last one was thoroughly enjoyable. Get Ready! Code Warriors is coming back with more power!

Congratulations to the Code Warriors on a successful, innovative, and fun season! Stay tuned for the other teams’ posts, coming soon.  

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