GPA...Add It To Your Resume or Not?

How did you do at school?  Although you are fabulous at your professional field of study, not everyone is a great student and not everyone does great across the board in all classes.

Where does that leave you in regards to that questionable gpa?

The rule of thumb in regards to new graduates and gpas is that anything above a 3.0, put on your resume.  Elite Recruiters will be looking for a 3.5 and above.

As a new graduate, your gpa may be requested to show your knowledge and work ethic through school.  If your gpa is below a 3.0, I would recommend just leaving it off of your resume. Your resume is meant to present the best version of yourself to potential employers.  Although you passed and earned your degree (which is key!) then I would suggest not to advertise that you were not the best of students Instead, your resume should present your other greatnesses.

After your first job, unless your gpa is 3.5 or above, you can officially drop the gpa.  Your work experience will now show your skills and where you excel.


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Written by Ilene Rein
President, Pounding Pavement 101
Partner/Recruiter, Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc.
FIRST Mentor, Judge, Volunteer