Galactic Builders: Season 2 Episode 1


Lucasfilm and Disney are once again teaming up with FIRST for a second season of Galactic Builders.

The Galactic Builders series highlights how Lucasfilm and close partners use their technical skills to bring Star Wars stories, droids, and products to life. The episodes also spotlight FIRST students and mentors who are using their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills to be forces for good in their communities. 

In the first installment of Galactic Builders season 2, one Lucasfilm employee and a FIRST robotics team in Chicago share how they’re improving the world through the power of neurodiversity. Julie Kogura’s job at Lucasfilm Animation turned her learning disability into an asset, and The Bionic Wolves share how their differences enable them to help others through STEM and robotics.