FIRST Volunteers: Ways to catch up on FIRST virtually

Throughout the 2020 FIRST® RISESM season, FIRST volunteers have worked to build and bolster millions of young people to embrace innovation and collaboration. Life looks a little different now, though, and if you’re a FIRST volunteer with some extra time on your hands, we’ve put together this collection of ideas on how to further your knowledge about volunteering with FIRST and other related topics. You’re going to want to bookmark this page!  

  • Volunteering with FIRST 
    • Whether you are new to FIRST or a seasoned volunteer, check out this introductory learning module for mentors, coaches, and event volunteers that explores what FIRST is and what it means to volunteer with FIRST. Share this one with a friend! 
  • FIRST  Volunteer Customer Service Training 
    • We rely on our volunteers for help in providing inspiration, safety, support, and a positive experience to our customers. This presentation provides an overview of the components that can help us achieve a rich and rewarding experience for all. 
  • FIRST  Volunteer Handbook 
    • Did you know we have a FIRST Volunteer Handbook? As a FIRST volunteer, you are part of a global community supporting FIRST youth in developing their skills and building tomorrow. This handbook is full of everything you ever wanted to know about volunteering with FIRST! 
  • Strategies for Inspiring Success for All 
    • FIRST has collaborated with the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) to develop training for coaches, mentors, volunteers, partners, and other key stakeholders who work directly with students and are committed to creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable teams. We know that culture shapes our biases and beliefs about people based on their age, gender, race, language, (dis)ability, or income level, often without our realization. This three-part training module can equip us for this work. 
  • FIRST  Youth Protection Program Training 
    • FIRST strives to create an environment in which team members can grow, learn, and have fun with minimal risk of injury. FIRST encourages everyone involved with teams or volunteering at events to complete this 11-module training on team member safety and requirements and recommendations for FIRST events. 
      • To access the training, please visit the Schoology website, create a free Instructor account, and use the access code 72S5P-RW23T to join the course. For more help on how to join a course in Schoology, please see this page. 
  • FIRST  New Mentor Training 
    • Whether you are a FIRST alum transitioning to a mentor role, a new mentor with FIRST, or a seasoned mentor inviting new mentors to your team, you will find this course chock-full of helpful information and practical tips on mentoring a FIRST team. From guidelines for interpersonal behavior to preventing harassment and bullying, this training will equip you with the tools you need to promote FIRST values and culture and have the maximum impact on participants in your role as a mentor. 
      • To access the training, please visit the Schoology website, create a free Instructor account, and use the access code FCW5J-6KKV8 to join the course. For more help on how to join a course in Schoology, please see this page. 
  • FIRST @ Home 
    • The FIRST Education team has created a repository of online events and activities to help keep our teams connected to each other while we keep our distance. Learners of all ages can browse this page for content to support the continuation of learning and skill development. Activities listed have been chosen carefully and represent an opportunity to build a variety of technical skills, career preparedness, and holistic skills to prepare for life - ranging from high tech, to low tech, to no tech.