Erica & Brayla's #IAmMoreThan Story

Hear from Erica Cunningham about the ways in which she helps her teenage daughter, Brayla, see she is More Than just "one thing."


“When you come into this world with such a diverse mixture of who you are and what you come from, you don't have a ‘group’ to fit into. My grandmother is Caucasian, my dad is African American, so you have this whole blend that even within your own community you don't know where you belong.

So, then you try to navigate and be successful in any space that you're in. You try and be the best that you can. You need to master some things, but I don't want Brayla to feel tied down to that just now. Because I feel like naturally she's going to find what sits well with her future - but I also don't want her to rely upon one thing. I want her to have stability, so as long as she can diversify her experiences, I think she'll be fine. And she'll belong in that space where she needs to be.

My advice to Brayla is never limit yourself, never try and please anyone, and always leave yesterday behind you. Every day you wake up, you have an opportunity to write that day the way you see it. I want you to know you’re more than enough.”


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